About Me

My name is Shannon Tackett and I grew up in Fairborn, Ohio. I have always loved art. I enjoy drawing, painting, listening to music, and doing any type creative project. I taught myself Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver while earning my Bachelor's in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting/Finance. Toward the end of my degree program I realized that I actually did not enjoy accounting, but preferred creative work. I started creating and working on websites and graphics in my spare time, and eventually enrolled at the Art Institute and studied Interactive Media and Website Design. In the meantime I worked with some local small businesses, non-profits, and restaurants creating websites, logos, menus, business cards, and posters. I was doing what I enjoyed most, being creative. During my younger years I spent time living in Los Angeles and Charleston, South Carolina but always knew I would return to Ohio to settle down. A few months after I moved back to my hometown I ended up meeting the girl of my dreams and partner for life Lisa. Oddly enough we went to the same elementary school and grew up a couple of streets and years apart but found each other none the less. We live together with our two dogs Dagger, an Australian Sheperd/Shetland Sheepdog mix and Macie Mae, a Pitbull/Labrador mix. We are one big happy family. I am currrently working as a freelancer, creating websites, graphics, and painting as much as possible. Contact me if you need help with a creative project. I have listed my resume below.

My Resume


Some of my designs